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Fabulax Cleanser


 Acts as a gentle intestinal cleanser and laxative.  Fabulax Cleanser is a synergistic mixture of herbs supporting people with minor to chronic bowel irregularities. It encourages peristalsis and tones muscle of the digestive system. Herbs in Fabulax Cleanser contain laxative, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. In addition, many herbs in Fabulax Cleanser support a better functioning of hepatobiliary system. Chronic bowel conditions will require a longer period of time to bring back the optimal function of the bowel.

Over 100,000 people die in North America yearly due to colorectal cancer; it is the second leading cause of death.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  •     Constipation
  •     Missing bowel movement for a day or more
  •     Bleeding haemorrhoids
  •     Skin problems
  •     Excessive gas, Feeling bloated
  •     Thin pencil-like eliminations
  •     Allergies
  •     History of parasite infestation
  •     Colitis
  •     Prostate problems

Fabulax Cleanser:  120 capsules / 520 mg.
Each capsule contains:  Cascara Sagrada, Turkey Rhubarb, Black Walnut, Papaya, Licorice, Garlic, Slippery Elm, Pumpkin, Goldenseal, Grapefruit-citricidal, Turmeric, Olive, Centaury, Tansy, Cinnamon, Yucca, Thyme.