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Sexual Performance and Libido - The sexual enhancement supplement for men and women
90 Capsules

As you age (after age 35-40) there is steady decline in hormone levels that affect your sexual potency, performance and libido?

As you age (after age 35-40) there is steady decline in genital nerve endings, which results in reduced experience of pleasurable sensations and a reduced degree of arousal and engorgement?

Sensagen contains certain natural herbs that have been shown in human clinical studies to:

  1. Increase sexual performance capabilities in both men and women
  2. Increase libido and desire
  3. Increase genital sensitivity to heighten the pleasurable sensations
  4. Increase blood flow to the genitals resulting in increased engorgement (men and women) with improved arousal, performance and sensitivity

Sensagen contains herbal ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies in men and women to produce the outcomes you are looking for.

Active Ingredients;

Amounts for 1 capsule,

Tribulus Terrestris - std to 40-45% saponin content  500 mg

Muira Puama - 4:1 extract 125 mg

Maca Root - 4:1 extract  125 mg

Horny Goat Weed - 20:1 extract  5 mg

Damiana - 4:1 extract  12.5 mg

Avena Sativa - 10:1 extract 10 mg