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Uri-Harmony acts as protection for afflictions of the urinary tract i.e. inflammation and drainage of toxins via kidney, bladder, and skin, urinary incontinence, stones/gravel and in cases of prostate enlargement.

What symptoms may be addressed with Uri-Harmony?

  •     Low back pain
  •     Joint pain
  •     Nail disorders
  •     High blood pressure
  •     Frequent ear infections
  •     Swelling around the eyes
  •     Hearing problems
  •     Hair loss
  •     Diminished sex drive
  •     Edema in the legs
  •     Urge to urinate during the night
  •     Retention of urine
  •     Kidney/bladder stones

Uri-Harmony:  90 capsules / 430 mg.
Each capsule contains:  Horsetail, White Birch, Marshmallow, Cleavers, Hydrangea, Gravel Root, Knotgrass, Juniper.